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2021 Gifts: The Year in Trends

This year, more than ever, we were all desperate to stay together and show a little love; This was reflected in our gifting! It turns out, during these tough times, we love to give a little love to our friends and family. With the year drawing to a close, we wanted to take the time to reflect on some of 2021s most popular gifts and some jaw-dropping gifting statistics of the year 2021!

This year we were LOVING personalisation

Are you a fan of personalised gifts? It turns out you’re not alone. These go-to gift ideas are becoming increasingly popular. Sources found that 85% of gift buyers say that personalisation is a huge factor in making something the perfect gift or not. This trend is reflected on platforms such as Etsy (a popular online-shopping platform for purchasing gifts) where searches for ‘custom’ or ‘personalised’ gifts have increased by 156% when compared with the same time last year – That’s pretty impressive! We were particularly loving personalised Valentines gifts, with ‘personalised valentines gifts’ as a search term seeing 170% more searches than last year.

Which countries spend the most?

So when it comes to spending, which countries are likely to fork out the most money for gifts? On average, those in the UK and US spend the most, at about $1629 a year on holiday gifts. Next comes Austrlia and Canada, spending a still-respectable $1286 (CAD) a year. France, Singapore, Germany and Spain spend a bit less (but still an impressive) roughly $600 a year on average. Poland and Russia are spending an average of $429, and in other countries around the globe, the average amount spent on gifts stands at around $171.

Some Fun Statistics

Some other fun statistics from this year are that the search term ‘gifts for fussy moms’ grew by 168% compared to the previous year – we’ve all been there! ‘Daughter gifts from dad’ also saw an impressive growth, increasing at 109% compared to last year. The love for personalisation didn’t stop at Valentines day, with ‘personalised letter from Santa’ and ‘personalised Christmas ornament’ both growing by 75%. If you’re a fan of food, you’ll LOVE this statistics: the US food gifting industry is expected to reach $16.15 billion (USD) by 2024.

We’ve seen some interesting gifting trends this year, but personalisation and an increase in food gifting? Those are statistics we can get behind! What are your thoughts? Have you bought into any of these trends? We’d love to hear!

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