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Your all-in-one calendar and gift app, Gift World stores everyone’s details simply and beautifully. Map where your loved ones are, set reminders and send thoughtful gifts for every special date.

With Gift World, there are so many possibilities:

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Discover the Features

Organize your contacts

– Import contacts in one click or add new ones with ease
– Customize contact information with names, birthday, addresses, and photos
– Find who you want quickly by using the filter feature
– Make notes on any special dates or gift preferences; so it's all there when you need it

Map your friends

– Check to see where your contacts are around the world on a visual map
– Customize your experience using filters so you can focus on who you want to see
– Pinpoint exact locations by simply zooming in
- Enjoy a beautiful design while staying up to date

Send Gifts in seconds

– Personalize e-postcards with thoughtful notes and send them over text, WhatsApp, Telegram or email
– Send gift cards from a vast selection of shops with just an email address
– We're so excited to add gift experiences, flowers, accessories and tickets very soon!


Let Them Know You Care

We’re passionate about connecting people. In a global world with friends and family spread far and wide, we know there’s nothing better than receiving a little gift or note, so you know someone is thinking of you.

It got us thinking, what if we made it even easier to remember all those important dates? And what if you could let someone you know you’re thinking of them at the touch of a button? So Gift World was born, making it easier than ever to remember those milestones and send a little something special.

This is so much more than a send a gift app. Map out where your friends are on the beautiful globe function, note down ideas for gifts for a later date and receive reminders so you’ll never forget that key anniversary, birthday or celebration again. A thoughtful card or gift can mean so much to someone, and we’re here to make it even easier to put a smile on their face. 

Let’s reconnect, no matter where in the world we are.



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Never Miss A Celebration



Whether it’s your nephew’s graduation, the anniversary of that unforgettable wedding, or your best friend’s birthday and they’re living halfway around the world, Gift World’s gift delivery app has the perfect solution.

You’ll receive reminders of all those key dates and can send a gift directly, all from within the app. With more exciting options constantly being added, from flowers to gift cards, accessories, gift cards and even tickets, you can treat your loved ones and be more connected than ever. 

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