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Egift Cards: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve all been in this situation: You walk into one of your favourite stores feeling confident that you have a gift card tucked in your bag that you received from a friend only to get to the check out to find out you’ve lost it, or worse: You can’t remember if there’s even money left on it. You have to coyly ask a store worker to check how much money is on it, and most of the time, you only have about $2 left anyway! This is the hassle that can all be avoided with egift cards; the benefits are endless! Here are some frequently asked questions about egift cards, and the benefits of using them!

Where can I buy an egift card?

This part is *super* easy! First, download our app. You can download Gift World via the App Store / Play Store or via our website. From there you will easily be able to purchase egift cards, but if you have any trouble, you can head over to our guide page for a simple step-by-step!

How can I find my egift card?

With Egift cards purchased via our app, you will be able to easily keep track of the whereabouts of your gift card by checking your email. Egift cards will be sent to your email; From there you can save/star the email as important, or search the name of the store for which you received the gift card and you will easily be able to locate it! No more frantically searching in your bag at the till!

Where can I use my egift card?

You can use your egift card for wherever it has been purchased for! For example, if you have been sent a Tim Hortons egift card, you can use it as Tim Hortons. Don’t fear! Our egift cards are fully legitimate and will be accepted at the store for which they have been purchased; You can spend them just like cash! The egift card recipient can simply take a screenshot of the bar code from the email and show it to the cashier to scan while checking out. The gift card value will then be applied – it’s as simple as that!

Some gift cards are also redeemable online. This varies store to store – simply check the store website to find out!

What about tax?

Tax is included in the price, you will just be charged a 99c service fee!

How Can I Check the Balance?

This varies from store to store. Some stores may offer a gift card feature on their app/website, some stores may only allow you to check your balance via coming into the store.

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