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 Gift World- Gift Cards & Flowers

   The power of gifting has never been much easier. As technology advances the process of giving gifts gets easier and faster. However, as time passes people become busier. As we advance, the fast pace of life challenges us to get everything we need to do daily as soon as possible. The current challenge is when people that try to send gift cards and flowers, they either have to go to physically drive to a store to buy a gift card and drive back. Gift World offers a solution to that with one of the lowest fees for any other platform. 

   Gift World is the best way for the shortest time to buy gift card and
flowers. The whole process is to take 4-5 clicks or under 30 seconds to send a
gift card or flower out. When the user download the application it takes a few
seconds to import their contacts so you can have fast access for when you do
need to send the gift cards or flowers. This option is highly recommended since
it reduces amount of time needed to spend in future on the application. For
sending a gift card using gift world, all you need is an account with the email
of the recipient and your credit card! Gift World is planning to launch further
gift options, such as event tickets, accessories, and more. We believe by
listening to the customers demand we can be the platform for sending gifts and
reminders in the world.        

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