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Why Gift World?

With a new year comes new beginnings; making a promise to yourself to reach that goal in the gym, finish that book, or just learning to organise your time better. That last part is where we come in. And with a new year, we thought it would be a great time to re-introduce ourselves and explain a few of our favourite reasons why Gift World is easy answer to organising your year better!

It Saves Time

Why Gift World? It saves time.

Unless you enjoy spending hours searching through pictures of flowers on countless websites and eventually settling on the first bouquet you saw, or walking all the way to the shops in person (especially in this cold winter time) just to grab a gift card and walk all the way home again, Gift World is perfect for you. Send flowers, gift cards and other gifting options all within the same place. Without so much as leaving the app, send a gift to your loved ones across the globe within minutes!

The Gifting Options

Why Gift World? The options.

Gift World offers a HUGE amount of gifting options. Whether you want to send a quick e-postcard to a loved one or a huge bouquet of flowers, we’ve got you covered. Whatever the occasion, we are sure you will find something great with Gift World. We have a huge array of bouquets and gift cards to choose from; for that Aunt that exclusively likes bouquets of purple flowers and won’t accept anything less: we’ve got your back. That cousin in Canada that refuses to get her coffee from anywhere other than Tim Hortons? We’ve got your back. Explore our huge range of gifts via the app today!

Gift Cards and Flowers in One Place

Why Gift World? Flowers and gift cards in one place.

We are proud to offer the option of purchasing both flowers AND gift cards for a wide variety of stores all within one app. This means that whoever you are purchasing for, you can buy for everyone on the same app. This will save you both time, and storage space on your phone; Gift World is the only app you need!

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