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Gift World: A Gifting App

Gift World: A Gifting App

Picture this scene: You’re lounging on a beach somewhere in Australia. The sun is warming your skin and the occasional wind brings a nice refreshing breeze across your face. You look around and soak in the beauty and think to yourself ‘What could possibly go wrong?’. You look down at your phone and read the date: June 23rd. Panic rushes down your body. Oh no, you’ve forgotten your mom’s birthday! If only you had a gifting app downloaded on your phone to have reminded you…

Does this sound familiar? If you’re an avid traveller or a busy-body whose time is consumed with work and life, like we are here at Gift World, you’ve more than likely been out of the country for the birthday or special event of a loved one. Let’s face it, you’ve probably forgotten a special day, too. It’s so easy to lose track of time and dates when you’re travelling or just busy with work and the day-to-day chaos of life. That’s why we wanted to create a gifting app that would make remembering special occasions and sending gifts easier!

Gifting In The New Age

The pandemic has made it overwhelmingly difficult to stay in touch with those we hold dearest to our hearts. Being isolated or stuck in one country has meant long-distance friendships and relationships have struggled and zoom calls have replaced dinners out with partners and friends. Since the pandemic, searchers for ‘anniversary video maker’ have grown globally by over 200% year over year. The Zoom mobile app was downloaded a reported 485 million times in 2020 alone; That’s a lot of people now connecting virtually as opposed to face to face! Virtual birthday parties, dinner dates and quiz nights can be fun, but is it enough to make us feel close with our loved ones? It feels like something is still missing, doesn’t it?

When I was at home in the UK over the course of 2020, my friend in Canada got into a car accident. It was horrific. She was all but stuck at home alone recovering and the only way I could show my support was to video call her, but it didn’t feel *enough*. I decided to send her something to show I cared; a little treat, sent to her doorstep. What I thought would be a kind and simple gesture turned out to be a huge challenge. Exchange rates, delayed shipping and much more got in between me and sending my friend a heartfelt surprise. I searched the web for what turned out to be hours trying to find an easy way of either sending something from the UK to Canada, or ordering something from Canada. A lot of time and effort went into something that should have been so simple: Sending a gift to a loved one. This is why having a gifting app comes in so handy; it’s tailored for just that: sending gifts home and abroad!

The Solution

This is why we created Gift World, the ultimate gifting app.  Gift World is primarily a gifting app. With Gift World, you can easily manage your contacts, get reminders for their birthdays and special occasions, as well as locate their addresses on the map, all over the world! No need for a birthday calendar app or contact management app, we’ve got it all here in one place.Make your life easier by downloading Gift World today! You can do it easily by heading to the homepage of our website.

For helpful gifting hints and inspiration, follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. For help using the app, check out our guide page.

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