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What is the Meaning of Your Bouquet?

bouquet meaning

So you want to send a meaningful array of flowers to a loved one, but you’re not sure of the meaning of your bouquet? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a handy list of some of the most common flowers to send in bouquets, and the symbolism behind them! If you don’t see the flowers you’re after in this list, be sure to check our our previous blog on the same topic, by clicking here.


When a daffodil comes to mind, you likely associated it with spring time and the end of Winter. They are often the first flowers we see in the springtime, and it is because of this association that they are said to mean
rebirth and new beginnings. So if your friend is experiencing a fresh start or a new period of their life, daffodils are a great way to make sure your bouquet meaning is relevant!


Peonies have numerous positive associations, including romance, riches and a happy marriage! These flowers are actually native to China, and are highly valued there, often being referred to as the ‘King of Flowers’. During the Sui and Tang dynasties, peony flowers were planted at the Imperial Palace and thus came to hold a meaning of nobility, honour and wealth.


Marigolds are frequently referred to as the ‘Herb of the Sun’ due to is fiery tones, linking it with feelings of joy, optimism, happiness, warmth and good luck. However, it is not all positive connotations when it comes to this flower; Marigolds are also said to represent feelings of jealousy, grief, despair and mourning. Some cultures even associate Marigolds with resurrection and with the practices of honouring and remembering the dead. It would be wise to check what Marigolds mean in the specific culture that your loved one is from, before purchasing them a bouquet!


Interestingly, sunflowers gained their name from their tendency to reposition themselves so that they are facing the sun. Whilst the meaning if the beloved sunflower varies across cultures, it most commonly represents adoration and loyalty. In China, the sunflower is associated with good fortune, a long life and vitality. Considering their bright yellow complexion, and yellow being generally associated with friendship, sunflowers also commonly represent friendship.



These beautiful flowers tend to have different meanings depending on their colour, but typically, the periwinkle symbolises faithfulness and trust. In Christian Art, the Periwinkle is symbolic of chastity. For many years, Periwinkles have also been said to represent hope, with the blue-purple hue symbolising faithfulness, love and affection.

So there you have it! Some of the most popular flowers in bouquets and their meanings. Which flowers are you going to include in your next bouquet for a friend?

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